Load image into Gallery viewer, JRIS 65 Extras [In-stock]
Load image into Gallery viewer, JRIS 65 Extras [In-stock]
Load image into Gallery viewer, JRIS 65 Extras [In-stock]
Load image into Gallery viewer, JRIS 65 Extras [In-stock]
Load image into Gallery viewer, JRIS 65 Extras [In-stock]
Load image into Gallery viewer, JRIS 65 Extras [In-stock]
Load image into Gallery viewer, JRIS 65 Extras [In-stock]

JRIS 65 Extras [In-stock]

Vendor Iris Studios
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JRIS65 is a budget-friendly and high-quality PCB gasket-mounted full CNC aluminium keyboard that IRISLab designed.

To let everyone to be able to experience the best of modern keyboards, IRISLab has worked tireless on the typing sound, typing feel, design, and quality of the keyboard to create something that truly can be a benchmark for all custom mechanical keyboards moving forward.

Typing angle: 6°
Front height: 21.29mm
PCB GASKETS structure
PCB with USB-C daughterboard
Both PCB and plate adopt flex cut design
PCB gasket jackets or socks (included as default)
QMK/VIA Supported(NA. for BT PCB)
Support PCB stabilisers

PCB Specifications
  • 1.2mm Black core Hotswap PCB support layout, supports QMK/VIA
  • 1.2mm Black core Solder PCB support layout, supports QMK/VIA
  • 1.2mm 5.2 Bluetooth Hotswap PCB(battery included) support layout, doesn't support VIA/QMK.
  • BT PCB is a collaboration with Li Dana. LDN’s PCBs are famous in China because his PCBs are stable and qualified and user friendly. It has its own drivers and software to configure the layout. Please find the software here.
  • 8 devices can pair with it at the same time, and it is easy to switch the devices you want.
  • The power switch is on the PCB, easy to turn BT function on/off.
  • The fastest response time is only 1.25ms.
Full CNC Aluminum Case
Weight( Anodized Alu/ PVD Mirror Stainless steel)
1*PCB (Hotswap/ Soldered/ Bluetooth)
1*Plate (PC/ FR4/ Alu/POM)
Type-C Daughterboard
Poron Plate Foam
Poron Case Foam
Masking paper for PCB
JST Cable
10 * gasket jackets
20 * gasket socks
1 Set of PCB Shims
1 Set of Footpad
1 Set of screws
Battery(Only for the Bluetooth version)

Carrying Case
USB-C Coiled Cable 

Wired Hotswap PCB Layout

Bluetooth Wireless PCB Layout

Quality Disclaimer
  • Each kit comes with fragile labels. Please check the appearance thoroughly before building. If you see any noticeable flaws/scratches on any external surfaces, please take a photo and contact your relevant vendor immediately. We are not responsible for any flaws/scratches found after building.

  • Due to the nature of PVD coating, there may be minor, unavoidable dust points/micro scratches on the mirror finish of the PVD weight. The small dust points/micro scratches are only visible at just the right angle of the lighting.

  • The Chroma PVD Mirror Stainless steel weight is random in nature. Each weight may have some slight differences.

  • CNC marks and imperfections inside the keyboard case not visible when the keyboard is fully built are within quality control expectations, and will not be approved as a surface treatment complaint.

  • On all other surfaces and edges, blemishes under 1mm are approved.

  • Other than the case itself, all parts with cosmetic imperfections will not be replaced unless the part is not functional.

  • Warranty is only applicable for the first owner who purchased on any vendor with proof of purchase such as order number and confirmation - contact IRISLab for warranty information

  • The IRISLab warranty covers the PCB for one year of use or if dead on arrival without any modification.

  • Broken parts due to any human error will void your warranty, including but not limited to: mill-maxing PCB, tape-modding PCB, hotswap sockets that are pushed out of the PCB solder pads, not following the steps to flash PCB and causing defective PCBs.

  • In the case of missing or incorrect gifts, we will not ship out replacements or issue a partial refund.

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